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#facetofacefriday 10/6/2017

I found a bunch of my old driver’s licenses, IDs, and passport photos – so it’s time for a #facetofacefriday! I really carry my weight in my face, which has always been a bad thing because that’s the first thing people see. However as I lose more and more weight, even I’m starting to not recognize myself – and it’s WONDERFUL.

I was at least 250 pounds in the picture on the left and 172 in the one on the right. My goal weight is at most 150, and I am 5’7″. The weight loss was accomplished without exercise and was all thanks to keto/low carb for the majority, followed by keto fasting for the progress made recently. No pills, no wraps, no diet plans, no membership fees or exercise equipment purchases from late night infomercials; just eating kick-ass food!