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Keto/Low Carb Italian Sandwich on Cheesebuns

We sure love our sandwiches in this house, and this is my boyfriend's all-time favorite! (Swipe to see some of the other ones we've made) . I halved our #cheesebuns recipe shown in the second photo and added Italian seasoning to the mixture before baking. On it is shredded mozarella, Italian sausage patty, pepperoni, onions, tomatoes and lettuce. 👅 . 👉Swipe👉 to see our "Cheesebuns" recipe and macros card. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #keto #lowcarb #food #recipes #ketoaf #foodporn #homemade #yum #instafood #picoftheday #mealoftheday #foodgasm #omad #onemealaday #if #intermittentfasting #fasting #foodie #extendedfasting #delicious #getinmybelly #bodybybacon #italian #italiansandwich #cheeseisthenewbread #ketobread #sandwich #ketosandwich

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Italian Wrap on Cut Da Carb Flatbread

Sometimes the easiest foods are somehow the best. Shown is the Italian wrap which is one of my boyfriend’s. I’ll be posting MY favorite soon! These @cutdacarb wraps just became my new #2 favorite keto food – EVER. Yes, ever. Wraps and salads (alternating days) are the only things we eat during the week now, and on the weekend is when I make new recipes. But we eat these more often than anything else, every single week.

The funny part is, we’ve always loved this flatbread…but until now, we’ve always had them heated up (quesadillas, Mexican pizzas, etc.). When we ate them fresh/cold for the first time in these wraps, we could actually taste the quality of the bread. And that’s exactly what it tastes like; bread. 👉Real bread.👈 My mind immediately went to French bread. Oh. My. God. I’ve been eating these forever, yet I never actually *tasted* them until this day. It’s hard to explain…but I’m honestly surprised because I did not think I could love this bread any more than I did.


Mini Pepperoni Pizzas

Sometimes smaller is just more fun! We used your average fat head dough recipe (sans cream cheese – it’s not necessary), and of course our whoopie pie pan.

1½ cups Shredded Mozarella cheese
1 large egg
¾ cups almond flour

48 pepperonis (4 per pizza)
¼ cup low carb marinara sauce
1 cup shredded mozarella.

Preheat oven to 350F.
Melt 1½ cups mozzarella and the egg in microwave for 60 seconds.
Stir almond flour into melted cheese mixture to form the dough. Separate dough into 12 sections, roll into balls. Place in greased whoopie pie pan (or parchment paper lined cookie sheet). Bake for 15-20 minutes.
Top with marinara, shredded mozzarella and pepperoni.
Bake another 5-10 minutes.

Macros & Pricing:
Based on the products we used, the cost of these ingredients will be roughly $3.94 and make 12 pizzas.
Per pizza:
Calories = 160.2
Fat = 12.6g
Total Carbs = 2.3g | Net Carbs = 1.5g
Protein = 10.2g


Pepperoni Calzone

Bachelor Edition! Because this is literally all my boyfriend ate when he started keto; before he met me, obviously. 😉 We all give him hell about his pepperoni calzones, but there is some genius to it…I have to admit. 😅 SO many carbs saved because these have pepperoni in place of the dough!

≈17 pepperoni slices
Cheeses of your choice (we used ⅛ cup each of shredded Mexican blend, shredded parmesan and grated parmesan)
Seasonings to taste (we used red pepper flakes and oregano)

Arrange pepperonis on a paper towel lined plate until you can’t see the bottom.
Microwave 30 seconds.
Add cheese and seasonings.
Microwave another 30 seconds.
Fold calzone in half and soak up/blot excess grease with a fresh paper towel.

Macros & Pricing:
Based on the products we used, the cost of these ingredients will be roughly $0.79 and make one calzone.
Per calzone:
Fat = 25.5g
Total Carbs = 0.7g | Net Carbs = 0.7g
Protein = 19.3g


Pepperoni Stacks

I can’t stop laughing; I don’t know why this is so funny to me. I feel bad for anyone who subscribes to my updates and was just notified about these. Lol I have a massive and ever-growing list of post ideas to execute… aaaaaaand I’m making shit like this. 😅👌 They were so cute though, so I had to take a picture.

Macros and pricing:
Based on the products we used, the cost of these ingredients will be roughly $0.32 and make 2 pepperoni stacks!
Per stack:
Fat = 10.3
Total Carbs = 0.7 | Net Carbs = 0.7
Protein = 6

2 slices of American Cheese
10 slices of pepperoni

Super complicated directions:
Fold the American Cheese slices into 4 pieces.
Place one square on a piece of pepperoni. Repeat 3 times. Top with another piece of pepperoni.
Using a steak knife, trim off any cheese corners to create a circle matching the diameter of the pepperoni. (#fancyaf 😂) Garnish with dried parsley flakes.
Feed leftover cheese corners to your kitty because she eats keto, too.