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The foods I post are usually either a result of our cravings (“I could really go for some KFC – how can we make low carb fried chicken?“), or scrolling through Facebook and seeing “real” people post their finished product with excitement about a new recipe they found. More often than not, those recipes are from the sites below (I feel like I’m leaving some big ones out – but I will add them as I think of them). I’ve tried inventing my own recipes and it’s very hit and miss. I can’t imagine all the time, money and frustration which goes into perfecting these recipes. I’ve been known to throw a spatula or two in my day. Maybe not physically, but emotional spatulas were thrown.
One of my most memorable mistakes lessons learned is to read the comments. Most blogs have the ability to comment on the post itself at the bottom of the page. Here is where people ask the blogger questions about substitutions, allergies, they give reviews if they’ve made the recipe themselves, etc. One day I found a recipe for low carb fudge. Sounds amazing, right? Well the first time I made it I didn’t “whisk” the ingredients and it came out awful. It was a different color than the picture shown on the blog, not at all the taste anyone would expect (or want) – it was just bad. So I made it again; this time, I whisked the ingredients. There was no egg involved, so it wasn’t a matter of stirring the eggs vs getting those stiff peaks which drastically make or break a recipe – it was just some wet and some dry ingredients. It turned out exactly as horrible as it did the first time. Turns out whisking, or not whisking, was not the problem. It was only then that I decided to go to the comments to look for tips or a way to miraculously salvage this recipe. Are you wondering what the comments said? I think you already know. They were nothing but scathing complaints, questions and accusations towards the blogger for misleading us – and they all went completely unaddressed by the poster. Don’t make that mistake. Reading the comments will both give you that reassurance before you invest the time and money into making a recipe, and you can see any tips either other people or the poster may have provided since the article was posted.
Now you can easily spend hours looking through recipe blogs like the ones below to get ideas both of what’s out there, and to look through the ingredients so you can sort of mentally plan your grocery list when you see the same items coming up over and over again. I definitely did that in the beginning. One thing I can tell you is this: there is a way to make all your favorite foods low carb. My boyfriend comes up with some argument-inducing (not really) ideas where I instantly respond with a blank stare, sigh, and say, “Nope. That is literally impossible. You’re asking for the impossible. It can’t be done“. I’ve said that to about 15-20 of the posts on my page, and they have all been possible. It may seem impossible, but someone, somewhere…has found a way. Now my ideas man is my boyfriend. We set aside time every Saturday, sit down and pick our dinners for the next 7 days. On Sunday we grocery shop. We have a lot of the same meals every week; maybe 15-20 do we sort of toggle between all the time. Then I always try to make at least one new meal a week and one dessert or snack. You have to keep things interesting! If not for him I would be perfectly happy eating bacon cheeseburgers every night. All the interesting and fun ideas are his. So, thank you to him…

…and thank you to the pages below for doing the hard work so we don’t have to!

OhMyKeto – I first found this amazing woman on Instagram and recently she went live with her very own blog full of original and delicious keto recipes.

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The Actual Creator of “Fat Head” Dough (Spoiler: It’s not Fat Head)
There is a very famous pizza dough in the low carb community called “Fat Head Dough“, which gets its name from the documentary Fat Head. However the website stated in their blog entry on June 30, 2013To give credit where it’s due, I am basing this recipe on one I found at cookyscreations.blogspot.com. A friend and I then made a couple modifications.”

June 25, 2012 – CookysCreations refers to a dough as “The Holy Grail of Keto:Low-Carb Pizza Crust” and it’s pretty much the same recipe Fat Head provided…without the garlic salt. Cooky’s Creations also stated “1 1/2 cups shredded cheese (a mixture of mozzarella and cheddar is best)” and Fat Head provided just “1 1/2 cups shredded mozzarella”.

Cooky’s Creations states, “and after trying several recipes I think I’ve hit upon the best of the bunch“, so to me, it sounds like this is where “Cookys Creations Dough” actually originated. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like Cooky has posted on the site since February 16, 2015, 🙁 but that does not mean Cooky is not getting the recognition Cooky (not Fat Head) deserves. ♥

Now do not get me wrong, Fat Head did absolutely nothing wrong; obviously. They made a couple changes to a recipe they found (which may or may not have improved it, I haven’t done a taste test), they not only were very forthcoming (specifying they did not invent it), but they also provided the link to where they found it! The purpose of this little trip through keto history is just to give credit to Cooky. They really did play a huge part in making this lifestyle easier for a lot of people, and inspiring creativeness in a lifestyle that is often so incorrectly thought to be limited in options.