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December 2017 Accountability Calendar

“Happy” New Year is right, when you consider the fact that I’m officially at the 👉LOWEST WEIGHT👈 I’ve been at since I was TWELVE YEARS OLD! 🙊🎉 I’m not at my goal weight YET – but MAN this was a huge milestone!!! Keto and OMAD (one meal a day) have made breaking this *huge* plateau possible. I’ve been dieting practically my whole life, and nothing has been as easy and fulfilling as keto and intermittent fasting. I’m just ecstatic!

Accountability Calendar

November 2017 Accountability Calendar

MAN when I decided to start this calendar on November 1st, December 1st was so far away! I was sooo cocky about how much I was going to lose this month. 😂 Talk about accountability! Still happy about a 4.4 pound loss, though.

I always got so jealous when I saw other’s calendars and every month is loss, loss, loss, when – up until a few months ago – we’ve been in a keto rut. We simply didn’t know there was anywhere else to go below keto. Now that IF (intermittent fasting)/OMAD (one meal a day) have made the pounds come off again, I just couldn’t wait until the new year to start participating!

The issue was, I had no idea what to do with the other months prior to November. While we have been tracking our weight every week for the past two years, it hasn’t been necessarily on the “first” of the month to get a good idea of the month “as a whole”. I was just going to maybe “x” them out or something, but then I started to wonder…”what WOULD my calendar actually look like this year?” So I (roughly) figured it out! It was really interesting to see a month-by-month breakdown, instead of just thinking week-to-week.

You may be asking, “Christina…How were you AWFUL at the beginning of the year, then got back on track?” I’ll tell you. I’ll tell you right. Now.

⚪JUNE – We went from eating 2 keto meals a day, to intermittent fasting every-other-day.
⚪SEPTEMBER – Half way through the month, I stopped having breakfasts and started OMAD (one meal a day).
⚪OCTOBER – Vacation! ‘Nuff said.