Italian Wrap on Cut Da Carb Flatbread

Sometimes the easiest foods are somehow the best. Shown is the Italian wrap which is one of my boyfriend’s. I’ll be posting MY favorite soon! These @cutdacarb wraps just became my new #2 favorite keto food – EVER. Yes, ever. Wraps and salads (alternating days) are the only things we eat during the week now, and on the weekend is when I make new recipes. But we eat these more often than anything else, every single week.

The funny part is, we’ve always loved this flatbread…but until now, we’ve always had them heated up (quesadillas, Mexican pizzas, etc.). When we ate them fresh/cold for the first time in these wraps, we could actually taste the quality of the bread. And that’s exactly what it tastes like; bread. 👉Real bread.👈 My mind immediately went to French bread. Oh. My. God. I’ve been eating these forever, yet I never actually *tasted* them until this day. It’s hard to explain…but I’m honestly surprised because I did not think I could love this bread any more than I did.

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