Beef Quesadilla on CutDaCarb Wraps

😘😘 and thank yous to for sending me some of her low carb wraps/flat bread/tortillas to try! I’ve seen people do some amazingly inventive things with these wraps (she reposts them on her page) – and I still have plans for them – but I also have a huge soft spot for EASY. Especially when you spend the entire holiday weekend binge watching TV shows and all you really have time for is quesadillas between episodes…🤣

ⓣⓗⓔ ⓡⓔⓥⓘⓔⓦ

The nutrition information and ingredients are posted in the slides also, but each wrap is 9 net carbs. I was a little scared when I saw that number, but then I realized the only other low carb tortillas we’ve used were 6 net carbs, and were much thicker, for a much smaller area. These are over 9″ x 12″, therefor you get not only more of the wrap itself, but the quality/texture is so thin it crisps 👌beautifully👌. Very very crunchy and light when you fry it, soft and pliable if you don’t – and most importantly…IT TASTES GOOD. If you’ve ever tried to make a homemade tortilla, you will especially appreciate and wonder how she managed to get a really good quality tortilla to somehow be low carb. These are definitely the best low carb tortillas/wraps we’ve had.

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