Italian Sausage & Pepper Jack Stacks

The 2nd edition of #fancyaf Friday! You didn’t think it got fancier than pepperoni stacks, didya? These are really great for when you don’t want to “snack”, but you’re not in the mood to really “cook”. If you cook the sausage ahead of time, you can just reheat! We found a lot of Italian sausage on sale at Kroger, so we bought it all up then had to figure out what to do with it all (your suggestions are welcome!). Even though we bought it ground up instead of links, I shaped them into links then sliced them up. 😜 #itscheaperthisway #leavemealone #itakethecasingsoffanyway

100g ground Italian sausage
1½ oz pepper jack cheese
½ dill pickle

Directions (in the spirit of providing a recipe with every post):
Split ground sausage into 1 or 2 sections. Roll/shape into links.
Fry sausages, slice and top with pepper jack squares.
Serve with pickle.

Macros & Pricing:
Based on the products we used, the cost of these ingredients will be roughly $0.57.
Fat = 30.5g
Total Carbs = 1.5g | Net Carbs = 1.5g
Protein = 27g

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