Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza on Chicken Crust Dough

We finally tried the famous 👉NO CARB👈 chicken crust pizza recipe from Keto Connect! The number of carbs saved switching to chicken crust from what’s known as “fat head” dough (read about ‘fat head’ dough here) is HUGE. I really thought this would cost a lot more to make since you use chicken instead of almond flour, but with the products we buy – it’s only 9 cents more ($2.00 vs $2.09). So it’s 0 carb (vs 14 for ‘fat head’ dough), it’s much easier to make, and it adds even more flavor.

Macros and pricing:
Based on the products we used, the cost of ingredients will be roughly $6.37 and make 2 servings.
Per serving:
Fat – 25.9g
Total carbs – 4.4g
Net carbs – 4.1g
Protein – 65.8g

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